Music video formats: What’s right for your band?

-MTV style

-Lyric video

-Long form video

-TikTok teaser videos

At what cost?

ContentCreationCompany is excited to offer bands and musicians a great and affordable package.

By using a discrete location and band-members or artist friends to appear in the video, two huge production costs can be avoided. Our small dynamic crew of five professionals will deliver a dynamic package of:

*3x TikTok clips of varying lengths, submitted to TikTok. These can be shared/used by users to gain traction for your song.

*A storyboarded and directed music video of the band which runs for the length of your song.

*A longform music video which is a uniquely different to the above video. A storyboarded and directed film to support your track. It can include unique footage to extend your video for up to ten minutes.

Take a look here for some ideas:

Costs for the above start at £10 000 for five full days of shooting and editing.

email: for a specific quote

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